Greengate Garage Floor Epoxy

The Revolutionary Flooring System

People across the country have a common issue with their garage regarding how it looks and functions. Many garages are dark, cold, and uninviting, not to mention that bare concrete flooring does not cut it. However, there is a solution, and we are here to bring it to our London neighbours! Our garage floor epoxy is the answer, as it can:

  • Make your garage look better
  • Provide outstanding protection and performance

Why Should Garage Floor Epoxy Be Considered?

What good is a flooring system if it doesn’t add value to your home? We wouldn’t waste your time with a flooring system that only appears to be attractive! Our garage floor epoxies are jam-packed with incredible features that will improve the look and performance of your garage!

Improves Durability

With a garage epoxy coating, you’ll have a floor

  • That can withstand damage from heavy traffic, dropped objects, and even a weight tolerance of up to 25,000 PSIO.
  • Our garage epoxy is fire and electricity-resistant. It also has waterproof characteristics.
  • Your flooring will look new for years after being installed due to its wear and tear resistance.

Enhanced security

Another reason why so many homeowners are opting for epoxy flooring is the extensive list of safety features it provides, including:

  • Superior traction and slipping resistance, with the ability to amplify the effect with an additive
  • The ability to brighten your garage by up to 300 percent
  • The reflectivity of light makes it easier to see an object on the floor.

Good Investment choice

Here’s what investing in your home with our garage epoxy coating will look like:

  • Epoxy flooring has a 20-30 year service life, giving your home the benefit of protected concrete for decades.
  • A garage floor coating made of epoxy can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars.
  • Potential buyers will be more interested in your home if the garage floor is protected.

Chemical tolerance

Because many households store and use harsh chemicals in their garages on a daily basis, our epoxy can help protect your home.

  • For easy cleanup and disposal, all chemicals will be isolated on the flooring’s surface.
  • If necessary, your epoxy can be formulated to withstand specific chemicals.
  • Epoxy flooring’s nonporous surface will not absorb any moisture or chemical.

Environmentally friendly

Our garage epoxy’s environmental friendliness is one of its most appealing features, so here’s how it can help preserve and protect the environment:

Epoxy flooring can isolate all harmful substances on its surface, preventing them from being absorbed by porous concrete and leaking into the surrounding soil, posing a potential environmental hazard

Unique Designs

Because epoxy flooring is a liquid, it is one of the most customizable flooring systems available. As a result, nothing is set in stone. Here’s how to turn your garage floor into a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. 
We provide a wide range of base colors to our London neighbors, as well as the option of using multi-colored or single-colored flakes and the ability to create metallic epoxy flooring in your garage using metallic pigments.

  • Are you a fan who wants to show your support for your favorite sports team or automobile manufacturer? Your favorite logo or emblem can be embedded directly into your flooring.
  • Do you want to organize your garage? To make organization easier, we can use stencils to create text and dividers.

See the homepage for more information on the services we provide and the different types of epoxy coatings.

Garage Epoxy Coating With Decades Of Experience

Experienced professionals

We are extremely proud of our city, and as a company that has found its footing and grown into the top epoxy flooring company in London, we only want to provide the best flooring to our neighbors. Our epoxy floor coating installers and epoxy flooring contractors have decades of combined experience, so you can be confident that your epoxy will be installed the first time correctly. Now that you know what our epoxy flooring can do for you, let us tell you what WE can do:

  • Provide high-quality finishes made from award-winning materials at a lower cost than traditional flooring systems.
  • With a free, no-obligation quote from one of our professional epoxy flooring contractors, we can give you a general outline of what it will take to have the best flooring possible.
  • We understand how important it is for you to have access to your garage at all times, so we won’t stop until the job is done and you can start enjoying your brand new garage flooring system right away.

Easy Maintenance

The fast and easy maintenance that our garage epoxy provides is something that our previous clients appreciate. Because the epoxy is stain-resistant and doesn’t require any messy waxes or polishes, the tools needed to maintain it are extremely simple, and you may already have them! Here’s how to keep a garage floor epoxy in good shape:

  • First and foremost, all foreign objects on the flooring must be removed. A soft bristle broom or dust mop is the most efficient tool for this job, as a stiff bristle broom can leave particles behind and even scratch the flooring.
  • Ensure all foreign objects, such as dirt and dust, are removed from the flooring before moving on to the next step. After that, all you have to do is clean the rest of the flooring with a standard wet mop.
  • Are you in a hurry but still need to get the job done? Because the garage epoxy is waterproof, you can wash it off with a regular garden hose. Just make sure the water isn’t over 115 degrees.